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Latest News: Using Activity Feed

Edline now includes the Activity Feed feature which displays the list of changes for the school, class, sport, and other group pages you are a member of. Now, you can keep up with newly added calendar events, new homework added to your classes, new private reports that have been posted, or new blogs added to your team’s sports page.

  • From the My Edline menu, select Activity Feed to access the list of changes.


Activity Feed

The feed will display up to two weeks of the most recent changes with 20 items listed per page.

  • You can use the Filter frame to focus on changes from a particular class or group, or a particular type of change such as new calendar items.


Filters Frame

Click on the description of the change as listed in the Activity Feed page to view the detailed information.

Tip: You can also add the Activity Feed to your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) News Feed.

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